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We’re pleased to support you in the production and editing of all your business communications and documents for commerce, law and technology, including:

  • Business topics from A to Z
    Banking & finance, automotive, consulting, media & publishing, property & investments,
    industry & services, tourism

  • Social and legal issues
    General texts, technical papers, correspondence, references, certificates

  • Lectures and presentations
    Product and sales presentations, technical papers

  • PR and marketing materials
    Press releases, accounting and financial statements, brochures, fliers, catalogues

  • Half-year and end-of-year reports
    Accounting and financial statements, annual reports

  • Scientific papers and editorials
    Dissertations, essays, publications, studies

From simple editing/proofreading and the translation of lectures, PR communications
and presentations to scientific studies and annual reports we take care of a wide
range of content and language projects on behalf of our clients, including the
copywriting and production of PR and media materials for communications with diverse
target audiences.

We also support you in overcoming shortfalls in internal capacity or expanding your hours
of service provision.

Get in touch with us about your own needs!
We look forward to hearing from you. Your team of language2be.